10 Thing Must Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

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What to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

 what to do before applying for adsense

There is no doubt; Google AdSense is the main source of income of every blogger. And Google AdSense is also the reason to increase newbies to be a blogger. Of course Google AdSense is a simple, clean way to start making some extra money with your blog.  However, situation now changed from the early days, as new blogger increases and fraud clicks issued also increase and Google AdSense change many things. Now you need more preparation before applying for AdSense or in simple words you need to full fill their TOS. If you ask me to how I can get approval for Google AdSense, my personal advice is you have to show Google AdSense that you are serious about blogging
In this article I will write everything about Google AdSense, how you can prepare to apply for Google AdSense and it is recommended that every beginner must read whole article.

What is Google AdSense?


There are two type of service offered by Google.
  • AdSense for Publishers
  • Adword for Advertisers

AdSense are ads display by Google, these ads are actually promoted paid sites or offers of customer in adword,
A blogger which have some unique traffic can apply for publisher account (AdSense) for earning. On other hand to promote your product or site, you can also apply for advertiser account (adword).
In this article we will completely focus only on publisher account that is google AdSense.

Who can apply for Google AdSense?

 Everyone can apply for Google AdSense having a blog/site with custom domain such as .com, .net, .in and if you are using a subdomain like .wordpress.com you can’t apply for Google AdSense expect .blogspot.com. In more simple words Google AdSense can be used by everyone who used their Blospot platform (with a condition) or custom domain.  If you are using .blogspot.com subdomain you have to wait for 6 months then you can apply for Google AdSense.

10 Ways to Increase Your Chances when Applying for AdSense

1. Unique Posts

what to do before applying for adsense

 Remember one rule content is king. If you blog don’t have some new or unique post forget about earning. Unique posts will help you in successful approval for AdSense as well as it will increase your traffic too.

Minimum number of posts

Many people ask for minimum number of posts to apply for AdSense. Actually, there is no minimum number posts stated by Google AdSense in TOS. That’s why I already mention for unique posts. You can also read my previous article for more information about unique posts.

2. Privacy and Policy Pages

add privacy and policy page in blogger

It may seem odd having privacy & policy in your blog for your reader, but it is will show your blog professional and help you in AdSense approval. So what is policy? The policy describes to your visitor what they will see in your blog and what can do with that. To save your time you can online Privacy and policy generator. In blogger, create privacy and policy page and add it to you blog using page widget.

3. Contact Information Page

This is another page where you put your contact information which also important in your AdSense approval. It is not necessary to write your all contact information, but at least your email should be noted here.

4. About Us Page

add about us page before apply for adsense
In this page your write a little bit about yourself, your profession and why your start this blog. This is a sort introduction of author/admin of blog. It will help AdSense team to identify who you are and you are serious for blogging.

5. Email & Name

You also need to verify your identity to do this simply put email and mail in About Me or Contact Us pages.

6. Verify Age

Always use your real name and date of birth when applying for AdSense. This is very important step for those who under 18.

7. Clean Blog Design

Usually newbie only focus on attractive design of blog, which could be decrease user interference rating of their blog like dark background themes, small or large fancy fonts. So it is recommended to use attractive, professional and clean template for your blog.

8. No pornography

porn site banner for adsense

Porn is strictly against AdSense policies, you will never get approval for AdSense by an adult site. Not only porn site, you also can not use drugs related site or program crack related site. May it can increase you visitor but it will destroy your dream of an AdSense account.

9. No traffic exchange

only organic traffic for adsense

Say no to traffic exchange site. Of course many user use traffic increaser sites to increase their page hits but it is against AdSense policies. You blog should gain real traffic either from search engine or social network. You should submit your site to all search engine for maximum traffic from search engine.

10. Use top level custom Domain

custom domain for adsense

I think you don’t want to wait for 6 month for you AdSense account with your subdomain, get your own custom domain like .com, .net.
Believe me it will make Google AdSense approval easier plus it will also create a good relation with your readers. You custom domain will also increase your page ranking in Google, don’t worry about you can get your own .com in 0.99USD or 125 INR only, you can also use our ads to get great discount. If you don’t want to invest a single rupee, set up a free .tk or .ml domain.
If you are already facing insufficient content issuein AdSense, I have solution for you.

When is the right time to apply for Google AdSense

Actually no one can say when you are ready to apply for Google AdSense. I recommend write at least 10 unique post and your blog should be at least 15 day old with custom domain. If you are using subdomain then you have to wait for 6 months. And feed your blog with traffic.

Please comment for any problem. You comment increase me to write more J


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