How to be a Certified Blogger? 5 minute guide


How to become a Certified Blogger

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Today I am going to discuss how to become a certified blogger? Oh yes in this post I will explain you every point through which you can start your own blog. Why am I writing this post? Many newbie take blogging as way of making money but they fail due to incomplete guide.
Being blogger is not really hard. If you’re thinking that blogging is just way to copy-paste posts and make money then you are wrong. To become a blogger you need two skills required: writing and knowledge with a guide. I will you guide you how you can be a successful blogger.
Before I start I need some answer of following questions:
1.     What are your hobbies or interests?
2.     Do you want a Pro blogger?
3.     Are you serious for blogging?
Write you all answer in a paper or notepad. Now follow my post. 
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To start your own blog, you can follow these steps:
1.     Select your blog’s niche or topic
2.     Create a rough sketch of your blog
3.     Start blogging with subdomain
4.     Start blogging with custom domain.

1. Select your blog’s niche or topic:

beginner guide to be a blogger

First you need to decide in which topic you can write your best, or in which topic you have more knowledge than others. Actually niche of blog decide the success and future of the blog. Many people only use those topics which are popular, may be they think it will attract more traffic, but after few days they understand that there is really high competition. So don’t think to choose any popular topic to only gain some good traffic instead, target low competition topics in which you can write unique posts and always be a creative blogger.
Never start a blog without choosing a niche, many newbie create topic less blog in which they everything such as tech news, actress news, pics, hacks and what not. Result is their blog never get a pro identity. Selecting a wrong niche, this is the main result why many blogger fails.
 I think you should choose topics related to your hobbies, related to your experience or if you are working in any current industry then choose it as you topic. The benefits of choosing such topics are you never need to copy content from internet, you could have your own fan following and you never need to think for new post.

Once you have selected the topic for writing then start search for domain name, you can either choose a domain name as per your topic or you can choose a general name so that you can add more topic on your website in later part.

2. Create a rough sketch of your blog

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When you ready with your blog’s niche, create a sketch of your blog like your blog’s name, url, which type of theme you should choose. Which type of color you should use with your blog, and what type of your writing format will. Colors and themes are two most important thing of your blog, when visitor visit to your blog, blog’s colors increase him to stop here and read your posts. Next your writing style and quality make a visitor your daily reader. So first create at 3-4 posts before starting a blog. When you create a rough sketch of your blog in paper, now we are ready to make it real. Now you have two options:
a)     Are you serious about blogging? And ready to invest some money?
b)    You are not  doing blogging for long term

3. Start blogging with subdomain

If you are not confident enough that you can do blogging for long time or if you don’t want invest a single paisa or if only want to test it. Then choose this option.
 Now you need to select a free blogging platform to become a blog, there are many free website where you can get your free blog with subdomain. The popular blogging platforms are blogger, WordPress, weebly,, wix etc.
Blogger is my favorite choice as a newbie, they have many options to customize your blog and supportive staff of Google.  
You need only a Gmail to create a blog, go to any blogger platform for example blogger and signup with your basic details like name, password and email. Now build your blog, need to provide some basic details for your blog like blog’s name, url and basic theme. Don’t worry you can further change them. Once you complete all basic tasks, you will redirect to admin panel of your blog, where you have all controls of your blog. Now you need to upload a SEO friendly, responsive template or theme as well as submit your blog to all search engine. In blogger, you can learn how to upload themes and also can download all themes from trick world. If you are not satisfied with you subdomain you can also use free domains like .tk, .ml. Read how to set a free .tk domain?

4. Start blogging with custom domain:

blogging with domain

If you thinking to invest some money and serious about blogging which is also recommended, this option will be perfect. The main advantage of having you custom domain like .com, .net, .in etc is people believe in you. Not only people, ads network like adsense easily approve your application which is a step to make money from your blog. WordPress hosted blog give you large advantage of customizing your blog with plugins.

Now you need following things to get your own custom domain
a) Register Domain Name
b) Hosting
c) Install blog software like WordPress
You can get your .com domain in 99rs or 0.99$ fromgo daddy and bigrock, which you can be also use to replace your subdomain in step 2. Then you need to buy a hosting for you blog, blue host is perfect for WordPress, then you just need to install your blog.
Once you are ready with these three points, customize your blog, add social sharing plugins and choose responsive theme.
Once you are done with these three points then you can customize your blog presence by adding new theme or modifying current themes, adding plugins for social sharing and for seo. I am sure if you follow this guide you become a unique blogger.

Now start writing your post, share your posts in social media and focus on traffic and SEO. Good luck. J  


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