How to fix AdSense Insufficient Content problem?


AdSense “Insufficient Content” Issue

How to fix AdSense Insufficient Content problem 

Every blogger dream about having google adsense's ads in his blog, many of you may applied for google adsense. As beginner many one face same problem or get same reply from google adsense. i.e. "Insufficient content" There are many questions, people frequently ask such as why does google adsense say I have “insufficient content”?
What's that mean if i have already enough posts in my blog? Other hand you also notice that your some friend or competitor has adsense account with few posts. Read article carefully to get your answers.

Why You Receive “Insufficient Content” Message from Google AdSense?

 AdSense Insufficient Content email

First you need to understand why this happen with you? The basic idea of solving a problem is analyze it first. When you apply for adsense, google adsense team use google spider to analyze your site, this spider (a robot of google which analyze your site) analyze your sites niche and content. Insufficient content means when google crawler or spider not able to read your site. This is because either your site is full of copyright issue or there less words in your posts. There is another issue, if you posting videos or flash files in your blog, which is against google adsense policies. If you site doesn't comply with google policies, you will never have google adsense.

How to Fix Google AdSense “Insufficient Content” Problem?

Now you know how adsense analyze your blog and why you get insufficient content.

Don’t Reapply Instantly After Disapproval

First of all when you get a message of insufficient content issue, don't re-apply instantly. Many of blogger post few post after getting such email from google then re-apply in next day. Beginners are so excited for adsense they re-apply again and again, and result is put their blog to black list of adsense. I don't think you want to be black listed.

Write new high quality posts

write high quality

What your blog make a blog? Answer is article or post, if there is no new or unique posts, you can never earn with your blog. Unique post also increase visitor and increase your google ranking too. So you need to write high quality posts (High quality posts mean they shouldn't be copied), you can also add an author or guest author. Don't forget that your posts should be related to your blog's niche and contain up to 600 words with proper grammar.

Re-write copied posts

rewrite copied posts

The main reason of disapproval of adsense account is copied post. First you need to find your copied posts, use copyscape to check your copied status. Go to copyscape and enter your site's url, hit enter. You will see a list of copied post, rewrite all the lines which are represented by copyscape. You can also use an online article re-writer such as article spinner, to save your time. Now re-check you copy paste status in copyscape and reduce it. Believe me re-writing your posts save your time and effort instead of writing new posts.

Re-designing your blog

 redesign blog's template

Many blogger add many widgets, fonts etc to decorate their blog which increase blog's loading time and also decrease user interface. Thus you need to also update your site's design. You blog should be responsive, clean and fast loading.

Remove other ads

remove ads before apply for adsense

If you are already using some other advertisements networks or your blog full with ads. Remove them before applying for adsense because this is against to google adsense policies, there should be no other advertisements network's ads.

organic traffic image

Organic traffic

Don't forget your blog's heart beat that is traffic. Now give 100% organic traffic from social networks. Don't use traffic sharing site it is against Google adsense. And after a month, again apply for adsense there are 90% chances to getting approved When you have successful google adsense, you also need to increase your adsence cpc.

 Its work for my friend, I hope it will also work for you. Please comment freely if you have any query. Your comments and share increase met to write more. So keep supporting.


  1. all Blogs having topic of SEO are the same. all bullet points are the same. only active voice to passive voice is changed. 99% word are same but they approved. But in my case, i am putting all effort to make 99% unique content which fail to pass ad-sense.

    any feedback please ?

    My blog is

  2. Is it ok for me to deleted duplicated posts from my blog?

  3. Hi thank you for your helpful blog...
    But I need to know if it is necessery to reapply by the same title address? Is that because I completely changed my blog topic. Thanks in advance.

  4. Please like how many percent will it be OK for that.

  5. Please like how many percent will it be OK for that.

  6. Sir its same condition when i apply google adsense...Insufficient Content Problem.
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