How to Prevent getting banned from AdSense?

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Google AdSense: How to avoid getting banned from AdSense?

We can do everything for make money, agree? That’s why we have applied for AdSense in our blog. In the case of AdSense valid clicks are major way to earn more. Did you notice that I use valid click. What’s valid click? Those click which done by your user without any trick such as making fool your visitors, asking for click or self-clicking. Many blogger use such type of tricks to earn more and get banned from using AdSense. So today I am sharing a list of what not do in AdSense, unless which can ban you.
Google will never tell you this is wrong, they will never send you email about fake click or illegal activity warning instead they will ban you without any warning. All your money refunded to Ad Words customers. So read my full articles and follow all these DO NOT rules. If you are applying for Google Adsense then read this article to get instant approval.

Don’t break 10 rules to avoid getting banned from AdSense

1.  Don'ts Break rules

Secret of running a good AdSense account is never break Google’s rule. Keyword stuffing, title stacking cloaking such type of all ways is against to Google AdSense policies. It is not only blocks you from Google AdSense, it will also block you from Google search engine. When you put Google AdSense in your site, your site is scanned every moment by Google bot and you will be caught when your break a single rule of Google AdSense.

2. Click on Your Own Ads

It’s not guarantee that your will get clicks every day, it’s all depend on your visitor’s interest, whether they will click or not. Thus is obvious, tempting to click on your own ads. Many blogger find it easy to earn more. This is the major reason of suspended or banned account. According to Google, it a form of click fraud and Google has a strong algorithm against such type of fraud clicks. If you’re thinking to use any VPN, forget that idea, Google can detect free or public VPN (IP).
Google track all type of address such as your IP, ISP, device browser and mac address etc.

3. Hiding Your Ads

This is old trick to hide your ads by making them of same color as your background of website. Thus without knowledge of reader you will get good amount of clicks and you do still get paid for such clicks and page views. But this violates Google AdSense’s policies and you would be caught easily.
So never hide your ads and ads should be visible to your visitors.

4. Begging for Clicks

While can’t click on your own ads then can you ask for your friends to make some clicks. Some blogger using click exchange groups such where they share clicks.
Remember begging for clicks or exchanging ads in social networks can ban you from using AdSense. Also don’t use tag for your ads such sponsor link, click here, best photo, offer for you etc.
Let me tell you how Google analyze it, Google has a typical algorithm which read visitors mouse effect on webpage. When your friends click on ads they don’t act as a usual visitors and Google caught this click. Thus your AdSense account can be banned.

5. Making change in the Code

Google AdSense generates JavaScript codes which you use to your blog. Google allow use to change color or size of ads while generating /create new ad unit. Either if you are thinking to edit /alter this code according to your match. Don’t make any changes to these codes. This is again against to Google’s policies.

6. Using Robot or traffic exchanging site for clicks

Never use any type of bot tools or traffic exchanging site to increase your page views or to generate clicks on your ads. According to Google, this is fraud clicking, which can easily get your account block. Don’t use people to pay for clicks.

7. Making show off of How Much You Earn

Of course it is not against to Google policies, but it can make you enemies or competitor for you. In some worst case, such competitor can generate fraud clicks on your ads also called click bombed which can be blocked your account (it seem as you are begging for clicks that’s why you are getting so much clicks).
Google also don’t want that people disclose their earning /AdSense data because they don’t want disclose about how AdSense works.

8. Creating Pages for Specifically to Display Ads

You can’t make a page in your blog to show only ads, means this page must contain some content related to your blog.
When you building your blog or writing post, your first thought should be writing content, instead of displaying ads on this page. Avoid writing simply just some sentence and also avoid copy-paste just make more articles/pages in your blog. Write unique articles and target highCPC keywords to increase your CPC. Never leave a page empty, only for ads.

9. Writing Content about Taboo/porn Topics

Never write an article which violating Google’s strict list of contents. This strict list includes:
·            alcohol
·            certain weapons
·            firearms
·            tobacco
·            drugs
·            designer knock-offs
So never write related to such topics and also never promote such product in your blog. If you do have content that violates these rules, say good bye to AdSense.

10. Cheating in Any Other Way

This isn't by any means a comprehensive list. This doesn’t means you can use some new technique which is not listed in this article. I know there are many ways to cheat Google yet and will be. But remember Google constantly changing its algorithm to detect such trick/cheats and you may be caught.

These are the some reason which can disable your AdSense account.
Hard Work is only way to make money. Write well optimized content, use keywords and bring some traffic to your blog or promote your blog.  It's a white hat strategy that won't get you banned.

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