Popular AdSense Myths you should avoid


Top Google AdSense Myths to Ignore

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What make a blogger rich? Of course it is Google AdSense, there is no doubt Google and sense is best ad network available in the internet. Google AdSense is most trusted and high CPC ads network. Getting asuccessful approved AdSense account doesn’t mean you will be rich in a month. Due to lack or half knowledge of AdSense beginner make some misunderstanding about Google AdSense, called AdSense myths. As Google is a huge player in the market, thus there are chances to have more rumors around it. This myth affect the earning of blogger and in worst case, blogger got banned from AdSense.
 In this article I will share some common AdSense myth, you should avoid. If you are beginner in AdSense, it’s my personal recommendation to read this article to avoid getting banned from AdSense.

Google AdSense myth

Blocking Low Price Ads will generate more money

This is most popular myth, everyone think that if they block some low price ads they can earn more. But truth is your revenue is related to the niche of your blog, geographic location of traffic, ads placements as well as the advertisers: how much they spend on ads.  You shouldn’t block ads; Google matches your content or niche and targets ads for your blog.

Earn in Millions

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Its common many people start blogging because they heard some rumors, they can earn in millions with a blog.  But in reality it’s not easy to make money in millions from Google AdSense or other ads networks. To earn in millions you need tons of visitors per day as well as some other source of earning such as affiliate marketing.
It’s not impossible, but you need really hard work on your blog as well as some investment in your blog.

More Ad units, more Money

More ads more earning, this is totally false. Newbie blogger think putting a lot of Ads unit on their blog can increase their earnings. But it is never works, because lots of ads reduce the chances of click as well as irritate readers. Have you ever notice some blog with high traffic only use one or two ads unit of Google AdSense. They have more affiliate marketing ads instead of AdSense, many pro blogger currently stop using AdSense.

Regular visitors give more clicks

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It is common tendency over blogger, they think they have more click from their regular visitor instead of new. In fact the truth is, regular visitors know the ads placement and there are fewer chances that they will click on ads. So there are more chances with new visitor that you will get more click than regular visitors.

Copying the design or size of Ads from other blogs

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One thing I learn from my entire life is, no one can purely satisfy a human. Why I am saying that? This is because many blogger has tendency of copying the design of others, they never satisfy with one design. Of course you can take advice from other blogger and you can also perform experiments with design and Ads. But copying other’s strategy is a bad idea because the Ads placement or design of blog that worked for them, may not work for you. So never copy other’s design or ad size instead experiment with different size of banner or ads which suits your blog.

Images are better than In-line Text

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Google provide many type of ads format such Image ads, Inline Text ads, link Ads. Some blogger think that image ads are worth because they are more attractive and visible to visitors. This is not true. In reality, you will get more clicks from text and link ads if they blend properly with your blog. You should put all type of ads format with proper ads designing.

You must do SEO on blog

seo in blogger

This is new myth, blogger think SEO is really matter for Google AdSense. Google AdSense will never ask you to do SEO on your blog. There are many rumors like you must have SEO on your blog before you apply for AdSense, Google will reject you if your blog has no SEO. Remember Google never analyses any site in the term of SEO.  Yes SEO make an important role in a blog to get more visitors from search engines or in simple word making blog more search engine friendly.

Google bans if you earn too much from AdSense

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Ha ha ha… Really who spread this AdSense myth? Google never restrict how much you earn with Google AdSense. Google never ban any publisher if he earning with valid clicks. If you earn thousands of dollars in one day with invalid click of course Google will ban you.
Remember Google only share 68% of original price of ads with you, so Google will also earn larger amount from your earning. If you earn more from AdSense also Google earn more.

Google bans you when you reach to your payment threshold

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This is worst myth, which was viral in many forum and groups. Many blogger feel that Google will ban their account when they reach to their payment. This is totally fake information, Google is well trusted ads network and Google never cheat with their publisher. Remember Ads which are published in your sites are the main source of income of Google, so you will never missed your payment from Google. I don’t know who and why someone spread this type of news. People got banned from Google for something else such as invalid click.

You can’t activate AdSense account once it’s disabled

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No, it’s not true. My friend suffers from same situation. He received a mail from AdSense that his account disabled due to invalid clicks. He knew that he neither clicked on his ads nor he force anyone for clicks. He appealed, after 10 days he received an email from AdSense says that “Thank you for clarifying your situation. We’ve reviewed your circumstances and have reinstated your account, effective immediately. Please note that there will be a delay of up to 48 hours before our servers are informed of the update and ads start running on your website again.”
He got his AdSense account back. Google disable some account temporarily when it feels any fraud activity, that doesn’t mean you can get your account back.

These are the some popular myth about Google AdSense. If you have any question related to AdSense or you not sure this is true about Google AdSense, comment freely.
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