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Hack girlfriend's whatsapp account


How to hack girlfriend’s whatsapp account

 Hack girlfriend's whatsapp account

Hi guys,
Do you know hacking a Whatsapp account is one of the hardest works; there is no direct way to hack a whatsapp account. As we do with other social account such as Facebook, Gmail etc. they can either be hacked with simplest trick phishing, using pc, but there is no chance with whatsapp. 
Since there is no web version available for whatsapp so above methods which actually used to crack or obtain username and password won’t work. I think you know that user don’t require any username and password to access whatsapp, in fact their phone’s details are used by whatsapp to identify each user. Whatsapp also added some new security feature such as user to user data encryption, now every text message sent via encrypted method.

Warning: There is no online site and software/app available which can hack any whatsapp account / message. Such sites contain malware and thousands of ads and surveys.

When we talk about how to hack whatsapp of my gf?  That means how to get access to friend’s chat/ text message? Not full control to her whatsapp account. To get a full access to her whatsapp account, you must be able to get control of her phone. To do this, usually whatsapp spy, phone spy are best paid tools.

The method is if we have physical access to her phone. In some special cases, if you want to get personal chat of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatsapp always create backup of your chat to either your email or to your physical storage. But this backup data is encrypted. This is very difficult to decrypt or if victim storing backup to Google drive, it is impossible to collect that data.
But I found vulnerability on whatsapp chat system, which can be used to read victim’s full chat in your device. Actually whatsapp allow us to send our chat as email. And this chat data sent in plain text format. So we can easily read this chat without decrypting.


How to hack a websites using android phones

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website hacking by DroidSQLi image
Hi guys, many of you really want to hack website either for personal profit or for a show off. There are lots of technique that you can use to hack a website. Before we start, let's take a look what is basic of hacking a website.
To hack a website, we find login page of that site, then we inject to hack. Mainly linux based OS are used to hack a website like kali linux, because they have inbuilt hacking or injecting tools. But many of you ignore linux due to its typical UI (command based), or you just want to hack with you small linux tool that is you smart phone (android use linux based os). Now we can start.

How to create Moded android app?

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Hi friends,
Everyone to want an android app, either for their website or for their own profit. In some cases you can use online website to build your own app, but they are limited i.e. you can’t add your own UI, or some effect etc. So today I am going to help you to overcome these limitation, here you are going to edit open source app and use your detail on these apps. Let’s begin with requirements.

Top 5 ways to Root any android phone


Unlimited guide to root every phone

 Root every phone image
 I've seen many people searching or asking for like how to root android, how will my android phone rooted, how to root my android phone in one click etc, because not every smart phone rooted in same manner. If you beginner, you must read about what is android rooting? before going to root your phone.
 Rooting your android phone is a technique of allowing users of android devices to get the super control (known as root access) over many Android subsystems.
Simply “root is the process of allowing your phone to attain a super user privilege that normally isn’t on your device.