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Increase adsense CPC trick 2016

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 How to increase cpc of adsense


Everyone knows if you want to earn more from google adsense you have to target high value keywords. Thus we all want to target high paying keywords to increase our earning but the main problem is how to find them. For example insurance, law etc are high paying keywords but they are also one of the competitive keywords. So it is useless to target them. New in blogging read how to become certified blogger? 
Everyone has his own tricks, now I am sharing my simple trick to increase cpc, please share your trick with me and also give feedback. This trick is a simple and an effective way to find the high value CPC keywords. I am not sure about other ads network and assuming you are using only adsense. 
Every newbie have some questions like why is my adsense CPC so low? How to get more cpc? How to increase my CPC and so on and every blogger will say you to gain more and more traffic to your blog or site, then your CPC will increase itself, but I find it is not effective that doesn’t mean I am saying traffic is not required. There is no point in getting more and more traffic while your blog’s CPC remain constant. I think many of you are running in same condition.

You can also use some keyword research tools such as SEMrush, keyword tool, google Adwords to find the higher value keywords. But my trick is much simpler than using keyword research tools, in fact I am going to use direct googl search engine. Let’s see how.

stay on page or leave page javascript

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Stay in page or leave page codes for blogger

stay on page or leave page javascript image

Do you have seen that when you leave a unsaved change page, a pop-out with saying stay on page or leave this page. We are going to place this popup on our blog/site so whenever one leave your page you can show additional message such as your new or popular post which will engage him in your site. Now we are going to add addition change on it , when you viewer choose stay on this page a new popup will open that show your desired content like popular post, new post etc. It will increase your page views, as well as helps you in reducing the bounce rate of your blog/site.
I suggest you to add some interesting, attractive texts line in this stay on page box. This will reduce the bounce rate of your blog/site using stay on or leave page popup on your blog/site but you must use it wisely.

How to submit a blog or site to all search engine?


Submit your blog to every search engine Google,Yahoo,Bing, and AOL

So you created a blog and now your major requirement is traffic, either you can invite every visitor to your blog or you may get traffic from search engine.
So you need to submit your site or blog to search engines likes Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Here is a complete guide for you. Suppose, you have a website or blog of well designed, having great quality post. Let say, you have also invested days to months for developing your websites, but if nobody knows your websites/blogs, you will have to accept that your website's value is nothing and the time you had spent for developing your websites or blogs, was waste.

Let’s submit your site or blog to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK, Altavista & Bing.

How to Submit Site or Blog to Google Search Engine

You should know that Google has unique power, it can forward unlimited traffic to your site or blog free of cost. There is no doubt that Google is the king of search engines. To submit your blog to Google, clickhere and sign into your Google account, type your homepage URL with http:// in the URL field, type captcha code, and click on 'submit request.

If your site has already been indexed by Google search engine, then by submitting your site by this link, Google may update your site.
Like other search engine in Google, you don't need to submit your individual post URLs to Google. Google is now smart, whenever you submit a new website to Google, and Google spider reaches to your blog or sites homepage, and read every link of your site.
If you done it properly, you will get a notification like:
"Your request has been received and will be processed shortly".

Submission of sites or Blogs to Bing & Yahoo Search Engines

To submit your site to Yahoo & Bing, go to submit site to bing, and type your site homepage URL and CAPTCHA code, Finally click on submit.

 It may take some days or a week to get your website ranking in Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Note if you submitted your site to Bing, you don’t need to submit your site to Yahoo, in fact Yahoo grabbed your blog from Bing data.

Submit Site or Blog to AOL Search Engines:

You have already done it dude! Yes! You have already submitted your site or blog to AOL because AOL uses Google for organic search so if you submitted your site or blog in Google then it will be indexed by AOL.

Submit Blogs or Websites to Altavista Search Engine:

You don’t need to submit you site or blog to Altavista because you have already submitted your sites or blogs to altavista. The search results on Altavista are powered by Yahoo search, so if you have submitted your site to Bing, Yahoo will grabbed your sites and it will be indexed by Altavista simple.

How To Submit Site/Blog to MSN Search Engine

You have already submitted your sites or blogs to MSN because MSN uses Bing for organic search so if you submits your websites or blogs to Bing, then it will be indexed by MSN.

Please note that in this post I am not going to tell you how you can submit your site or blog to ASK because ASK search engine required a sitemap to index your site or blog. I will cover it in my future post, where I will tell you how you can submit your sitemap to search engines, typically required site verification.