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Facebook Page marketing guide

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How to use Facebook fan page for Marketing

There is now doubt facebook is largest social network as well as largest marketing place. Almost every 2nd company or organization promoting themselves in facebook, in fact facebook is great medium for interaction b/t users and companies. I think you must see various facebook pages in your news-feed and these fan pages promoting some brands. It’s called Facebook marketing. Thus everyone can earn a handsome amount by their fan page. There are 728 billion active users in Facebook now, and increasing every minute. Inn this post I will share some secrets of facebook marketing so you can make some money from you page, without selling your page.
Fist you have to understand when your page has most active users, it is important because more active user more money. To understand when your page has good traffic try these following experiments.

Tips for Facebook page marketing

Upload your Post in different times: don’t post only one time in a day, usually everyone post at morning or night. You should upload posts for different times for a day. Observe in which time people most engaging with your posts. It different for different type of page and for different locations, for example: in India people are most active at 7-10 PM.

Give opportunities to give opinion for visitors: ask your visitor’s opinion for engaging themselves. It can be different for everyone. You know that everyone likes to give opinion, thus you making them feel how much they mean for you and it will also make good relation with your visitors. It is somehow a tricky formula for getting more comments and shares.

Use photos in post: do you know that visual is more eye catchy for human than texts. Photo in post also looks great and give more shares to posts. Visitors don’t like to read long post because its time consuming while observing a photo is easy.

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Url base of the fan page: make an easy link and easy name for your Facebook fan page, long url is hard to remember. Many people use symbol for the name of the page, which is the reason they get low hits on their page. These types of pages are harder to find in facebook, c’mon not everyone using a symbolized keyboard. When its business purpose you should be smart. Url is the base of a website or of a facebook page, don’t neglect it. A professional look is really mean in marketing.

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Communicate with other Facebook page: the simple method to increase your likes, visitor is to share your page. Connect with other facebook page and ask to share your page. The main idea is to increase the level of identity of your fan page. When you have an identity as brand, people will trust you more easily, trust is the key of marketing. It’s needy for a business page.

Make Money by Selling Expired Domains

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Make Money by Selling Expired Domains image

Hi guys I found that everyone is interested in making money, everyone preferred  make money from internet. There hundreds of posts are updated in facebook groups, forum to make money. But all methods are not stable. Some methods work for some special people like for example if you have talent of making some attractive video than you can earn from Youtube, dailymotion etc. But not everyone know his talent, so I just think to share a post that work for all. That’s why i m sharing make money by selling expired domains, sound some horrible, techno. In reality it is one of the simplest method if you understand how is it works? You have to just under what is a domain? How is it expired? Where can I sell it? In this article I will cover these questions.
So this is the trick behind it, you just have to find a domains and sell them on online marketplace like GoDaddy aution.